Monday, February 28, 2011

The Joys of Jet Lag

It is quarter to 6 in the morning here in China and I've gotten about two hours of sleep tonight.  Maeve and I realized the hard way that we ought to have tried harder to sleep at the beginning of our flight and that we shouldn't have slept for the second half of it.  I'm sitting here in our tiny hostel room waiting patiently for the sun to come up so we can return to the airport.  I hope my body waits until after I've registered at Qingdao University to crash.

In Hong Kong!

Maeve and I arrived around 7pm Hong Kong time after our 15 and a half hour flight. I watched Edward Scissorhands and Avatar on the plane and spent most of the rest of the flight trying to sleep. I only actually managed to sleep a couple of hours, but it was enough to get me through the rest of the day.

We got into Hong Kong city at around 9 and after checking into our hostel, we went out for a late dinner. We went to a traditional Chinese noodle shop. We both had fun using chopsticks. I had some unfortunate splashing chicken incidents. I have no idea how to eat chicken off of the bone with nothing but chopsticks and a spoon. It was slippery and I was pretty unsuccessful.

Tomorrow, we wake up at dawn to go back to the airport at dawn so that we can get on the plane to go to Qingdao. We'll hopefully get there in the afternoon and then check in and register at the university.

I'm extremely sleep deprived, so I hope this post is coherent. I'll try to post pictures and more interesting things after I'm settled in my dorm.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Leaving in less than two days!

It is my last night at Simon's Rock before I head to New York and then fly out to China. My things are mostly packed and my departure is starting to feel real for the first time. I am really sad about leaving the Rock and all of the wonderful people who go here and work here, but I am very excited about the months ahead. This is kind of a lame post, but I wanted to have at least one up before I started giving people the blog url.