Tuesday, April 19, 2011

QQ Ego Boost

I love talking to random Chinese people who add me on QQ (Chinese chat application). I am currently talking to yet another person who doesn't believe that I could possibly be American. This guy thinks it isn't possible because Americans are too stupid to be able to read Chinese.
Here are some quotes from our exchange:
 "不相信,这么复杂的中文你都认识啊 "-I don't believe you. How could you recognize all of this complicated Chinese?
"美国人很笨的 "-Americans are really stupid.
"你是中国人吧 " -You are Chinese.
"你肯定不是外国人"-You are definitely not a foreigner.
“别装了,你是中国人 ”-Don't pretend, you're Chinese. 
I'm still trying to convince him that I'm American.

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