Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finally here

I am currently sitting on my bed at Qingdao University. It is 6 am and I've already been up for an hour. After having gotten around 5-6 hours of sleep over the course of two nights, I couldn't manage to stay up to try to beat this jet lag thing once and for all, so instead I slept from 9-5.

After the nightmare registration process yesterday, Zhang Laoshi took Maeve and me out to dinner and also showed us around town a little. We ate a tomato, egg, and flour soup and a really delicious dish with shredded carrots and pork. In addition, there was a dish that I was a bit reluctant to try. It was celery, bean sprouts, and jellyfish. I timidly took a bite of the jellyfish and found that what it lacked in flavor it more than made up for in texture. It was something akin to eating a rubber band. I didn't particularly enjoy it and I probably won't be doing that again.

After dinner we went back to the dormitory in the international students' building. We each wound up with double rooms to ourselves. They are equipped with two beds, two desks, a television, private bathrooms, and more storage space than all of the rooms in a Simon's Rock mod combined.

Once the sun comes up and it's a reasonable hour to begin doing things, Maeve and I are going to finish paying our tuition and housing and will take our language placement tests. Afterward, we are off to explore the town and shop for some necessities. Zhang Laoshi explained to us that pretty much every bus stops at several downtown stops and also at the university, so getting lost with public transportation will be difficult to accomplish. We are also within reasonable walking distance of the downtown area, so the buses won't even be necessary.

At some point when I'm taking a break from exploring the city and feel compelled to be productive nonetheless, I will post some of the pictures that I took in Hong Kong.

Oh, look at that, it's actually light out now. I think that means I get to start my day.


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