Thursday, March 10, 2011

Street food!

So far one of my favorite things about China has been the incredibly delicious and unbelievably cheap food. Lately Maeve and I have been eating at least one meal a day from a food cart on the street. Vendors line up their carts right outside of our classroom building, so it is a perfect place to have lunch. Today we had these delicious wraps for 4 kuai (less than $1). The man puts an oiled tortilla like thing on a little round stove, then adds mix of vegetables, noodles, tofu, and egg. Then another tortilla goes on top and they fuse together to make a pouch. It gets flipped a couple of times, folded, and then cut so that the final product looks something like a burrito, but a bit more flat. They are absolutely delicious. There is little more satisfying in this world than eating a fantastic meal while knowing that it cost next to nothing. Oh, I also had a slice of pineapple on a stick as an appetizer.

I love this place.

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