Friday, March 4, 2011

Photos from Hong Kong

Well, before I post pictures and descriptions of Qingdao, I though I should post the pictures from earlier this week. We spent one night in a Hong Kong hostel before going to Qingdao.

 This is the tiny one bed hostel room that we shared for the night. Due to lovely jet lag, I didn't actually sleep very much. 
This and all subsequent pictures were taken from the bus on the way to the airport in the morning.

Hong Kong has lots of beautiful trees that I really wanted to climb.

I was amused by the KFC, Burger King and 7 Eleven all connected to each other.

Maeve on the bus.

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  1. Simply loving your posts. I was away from reading for about a week, but just caught up on everything early this morning. proud of you and thrilled. Loved the jellyfish story. I'll marinate a rubber band the next time you're hear and we can bring it to Moe's. xo