Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kung Fu

I just finished my first Kung Fu class. I think it is very likely that I will have difficulty walking tomorrow. Well, it's not like Maeve and I are planning to go hiking on a mountain or anything...oh wait, we are. It looks like I've got a very good chance of getting in shape this semester. The class was fantastic. It was insanely difficult, but I enjoyed it. There are two masters teaching us. One is an energetic and tiny man probably in his fifties and the other is more calm and I'd assume a bit younger. We did some kicking exercises in lines and then we worked on some forms. I video taped the master doing one of the forms so I can study it outside of class. I'm terrible at remembering the steps (it's not nearly as easy as Chinese characters).

The little master seemed to like me. Whenever we do anything wrong he comes over and corrects it immediately. I'm pretty sure that he said something about my stance being very beautiful for one of the steps. Once he came over and fixed a few things, he said it was really good and then he had me hold the stance so that everyone else could come look. By the time they all looked I was already shaking from the strain on my muscles.

I'm really excited to improve. One of the girls in the class has been studying it here for about six months and she looked really impressive, though she's also got a big advantage in that she was a dancer before hand. I was just about the least flexible person there.

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